WOOP!E Mindset

Supported by neuroscientific findings, we are on the way towards a dialogue based civilisation with a spirit of exchange and respect for diversity, freedom and tolerance.
 We facilitate the transformation to an altruistic mindset in order to build regenerative communities by applying a tried-and-tested approach that integrates trainings in mindfulness, compassion and perception (WOOP!E – value-orientated organisational und personal empowerment) that was presented at the SDG Action Summit session with Youth4Planet, Bonn, May 2nd, 2019: Harnessing Artistic Expression to Spur SDG Action and Awareness Through Creativity.
We strengthen basic human values that transcend religion and cultural differences. We use the complementary currency to support and host positive group dynamics.
Using digital storytelling (DST) done by young people, we capture transformative metaphors and narratives to develop role models and persona that can be integrated in our games (ecopolicy and hectarium). The DST-training of young people and other participants is an integral part of the process.
A prototype was already tested in Cologne in 2017, the Care Connection Cologne (3C).
Going beyond circular and scale
A general explanation of economies of scope and the regenerative business models are a result of Blue Economy thinking.