Project Description

We continue to prototype with and for people of all ages, colour, gender and backgrounds in our local community Berlin to build a facilitation and incubation process around the FOOD and WASTE topic (including migrants and refugees that allow various connections, e.g. to Tunisia, Syria, India and Brazil, to set up satellites of this idea).

Starting the process in schools, young local people engage with parents and peers to prototype transition in society on a local level tackling everyday challenges like food supply and waste management in schools. We create space for creativity and facilitate the development of youth entrepreneurship based on student companies and train participants in exploring basic human values.

As pilot to test the training format, we co-host a pre-workshop for the entrepreneurship summit in Berlin, October 2019, in the spirit of the youth conference in New York, 20.-22. September 2019.

The learning happens mainly in informal and non-formal settings as ‘street education’ so that participants get encouraged to become multipliers and change agents of an altruistic mindset. We cooperate with schools, businesses and authorities to establish an educational landscape and map out processes for circular and regenerative economy with a complementary crypto currency as a viable funding model.

Prototype impact journey